VuiFest beach night market - Everyone who comes is happy

According to many reviews, Vui Phet (Vui Fest) night market possesses a "secret weapon" that famous night markets in Thailand, Korea or Taiwan... do not have.

Chợ đêm bên biển Vui Phết có gì mà ai cũng “mê tít”?

"Where to go tonight, go to Phu Quoc VUI-Fest night market" - funny, memorable song of Vui Phet - VUI-Fest Bazaar, the new night market launched in Sunset Town many days ago. became a "familiar" caption that spread throughout social networks.

After nearly a month of operation, this creative night market has become a place that not only domestic and local customers love, but also international visitors.

There is one point that anyone who comes to VUI-Fest Bazaar can easily recognize: here, every square meter must have up to... 10 international tourists. At any time during the daily opening hours of 4:00 p.m. - 24:00 p.m., coming to Vui Phet, many visitors will certainly have the same feeling as if they were lost in... a Western market.


Walking around more than 40 booths, quickly interviewing foreign tourists, you will find answers to the question: why are these people so "passionate" about Vui Phet?

“VuiFest is always Happy”


“The atmosphere here is always bustling. From colorful signs, to music, games, and shows. Here, we can drink beer, listen to live music and dance until late. I've been here 3 days in a row, this place is always fun.” - Alexander, a male tourist from France, danced to the music at Gion Bar with his friends and excitedly shared.

At the same time, at the main stage in the middle of the market, Jinyoung and his group of friends from Busan (Korea) were attentively watching the first performance of the day at 7:00 p.m. of the Loang Xang Show and could not hide their... excitement.


“This musical show is very unique, from the choice of kitchen utensils to the fun circus and dancing performances. We will come back to watch the show again at 9:00 p.m. This night market is very creative and interesting.” - Jinyoung kept praising him right after finishing the livestream on his personal Instagram page.

Vui Phet has many delicious dishes


Gathering a variety of culinary stalls from Vietnamese dishes such as tofu, local seafood, spring rolls, pho, bun cha, bread to Asian and European dishes and even milk tea and craft beer shops. or refreshments... Vui Phet night market is truly a destination where you can try out a round of delicious dishes for international friends.


“I have eaten at 5 restaurants here with 2 main dishes: bun cha and pandan leaf porridge served with anchovies caught from Phu Quoc sea and 3 snacks, all of which are very delicious, unique and affordable. very reasonable. It's been a long time since we've eaten so much.” - holding a glass of tofu in her hand, female tourist Nayar from India could not hide her satisfaction with her "trophy" of rolling all over Vui Phet.

VuiFest is not just about going to the market but also about watching fireworks

The reason why many tourists say Vui Phet is as fun as Tet is not only because of the bustling vitality, but here visitors can also watch daily fireworks being shot off from the stage of the show Kiss of The Sea - Kiss of the Sea. . This is definitely a "privilege" that no other night market in the world has.


“It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in the world: going to the market and watching fireworks. Every day coming here is like welcoming the new year. Very impressive!" That was the status line shared by Juan from Mexico on his personal Facebook page, right after watching the eye-catching fireworks display from Spello restaurant with a direct view of the Kiss of the Sea and the Kiss of The Sea stage.

VuiFest is very… friendly

Vui Phet's friendliness comes not only from the way the market operates: no manipulation, clear price listing in many different languages. In particular, VUI-Fest is also an environmentally friendly market when saying "NO" to plastic bags and plastic straws; At the same time, it aims for clean criteria: clean in landscape and clean in materials and materials used.


“This is the cleanest night market I have been to, completely different from the night markets full of plastic bags, tissues or plastic cups of shops I have been to. It's really very clean" - Brian from Singapore commented.

VuiFest has a "secret weapon"

Not only has fireworks specialties, Vui Phet night market also has a secret weapon that many other night markets in Thailand, Korea or Taiwan are jealous of: its location embracing the most beautiful coastline in the city. Sunset Town Sunset Town.


Thanks to that, coming to VUI-Fest, visitors can freely check-in with the colorful sunset of Pearl Island, walk around the beach or enjoy a romantic space that is "heart-stopping": sipping a glass of wine in the sunlight. candles, listening to the waves, melodious music and watching the night sea... That's why many international tourists come and "chill" at VUI-Fest... every day.


“My wife and I have been here since 5pm watching the sunset over the sea, until now it's 9:30 and we can watch the fireworks. It's truly an experience we've never had before.” - Jack, a male tourist from America shared.


And VuiFest is also very... Vietnamese

Vietnamese quality at Vui Phet is expressed through the inclusion of indigenous culture in shows and animation programs; And with that, of course, the indispensable role of "ambassador" of regional dishes and products sold here.


Coming to VUI-Fest, international tourists not only have the opportunity to enjoy Vietnamese dishes but can also take advantage of buying very Vietnamese souvenirs at Craft Link, La Sen Viet, Dat Phuong Nam... or other specialties. local products and dishes such as fish sauce, products made from anchovies at Phung Hung store, dragon fruit wine or Vietnamese tea...


“We like to explore Vietnamese culture. And that's what brought me and my friends to this market. I bought beautiful souvenirs like this.” - Female tourist Mathy did not hesitate to immediately show off the meticulously sketched conical hat she had just purchased.


It can be said that with countless plus points: creative DNA; central location of top attractions - entertainment - entertainment in Hoang Hon Town such as Kiss Bridge, Kiss Of The Sea show, Hon Thom cable car station... with clearly portrayed Vietnamese culture; It's not surprising that VUI-Fest has become a "must-try" destination for domestic and foreign tourists.