Unique shows to light up Da Nang this summer

Accompanying the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2024, Sun World Ba Na Hills and Da Nang Downtown are launching a series of premier shows, turning the central city into the most vibrant hotspot in Vietnam this summer.

Da Nang Downtown – The new "town that never sleeps"

To bring a fresh summer experience to Da Nang, Asia Park has officially rebranded as the multicomplex Da Nang Downtown from June 1, 2024, marking a spectacular transformation with a host of new recreational, entertainment, and shopping experiences.

In addition to the existing "signature" attractions like the Sun Wheel - one of the 10 tallest Ferris wheels in the world - miniature models of iconic Asian tourist landmarks, and 18 light to extreme thrill rides, Da Nang Downtown will welcome visitors with exciting new experiential spaces, turning it into a lively "entertainment district" bustling from day to night.

Docking this June is a collection of world-class international performance shows making their debut in Da Nang. These include the daring art of Jetski & Flyboard in the "Awaken River" show, the multifaceted art experience with nightly fireworks "Symphony of River," the Ầu Ơ Puppet Theater featuring traditional puppetry performances, and all-day street shows.

The highlight is the multi-experiential art show "Symphony of River". Visitors will immerse themselves in a water-based play with a storyline that includes three chapters telling the legend of a river. For the first time, there appears a unique show that turns the "impossible" into the "possible".


"Symphony of the River" with multi-sensory experiences featuring nightly fireworks

The "Symphony of River" is a harmonious synthesis of live classical symphony performances, remarkable acts such as those by Cirque du Soleil acrobats and the world's leading magical "wizards". It also features enchanting aerial dances, and on-water performances by over 20 talented Jetski & Flyboards athletes. And it all culminates in a fireworks display shot from Jetskies, Flyboards, and against the night sky. This will undoubtedly be a one-of-a-kind experience for any tourist who visits Da Nang to witness Hollywood blockbuster scenes come to life.

The show is directed by Tuan Le – the creator of performances like "Làng Tôi", "À Ố", "Teh Dar" and H2O - an organization with 30 years of experience in organizing over 3,500 Jetski events, fireworks, and 2,100 Flyboard shows around the world. Notably, H2O has been a contributing factor to the allure of global cinematic blockbusters such as James Bond, Mission Impossible, Bay Watch…‏


"Rối Việt" deeply embodies the traditional essence of Vietnam

Parallel to the modern colors, Da Nang Downtown still retains a deep breath of tradition with the Vietnamese puppet show from June 1st at the brand new Ầu Ơ Theater, which has a capacity of 600 seats – the largest puppet theater in central Vietnam. The show will lead the audience into the beauty of the country and the people of Vietnam in a vivid way, through the artistic language rich in imagery of the two disciplines of puppetry on land and water puppetry. The program is performed by artists of the Vietnam National Puppetry Theater.

The heart of Da Nang Downtown will be the VUI-Fest Bazaar Da Nang – a brand new nighttime entertainment hub in the coastal city. The VUI-Fest Bazaar brings a vibrant space for shopping, cuisine, and entertainment to domestic and international tourists, with 200 colorful culinary stalls of Asian-European fusion, regional specialties, souvenirs, handmade items, along with bustling and fun street performances like no other.


VUI-Fest Da Nang – a brand-new nightlife tourism hotspot in the beach city

At the night market, visitors can also "adventure" following the footsteps of international artists to enjoy the interactive "Night Adventure" show, with music and beautifully skilled dance moves like a "midsummer night's dream."

This can be seen as a spectacular "transformation" of Asia Park with the new brand Da Nang Downtown, promising to make the center of Da Nang explode this summer. Especially, Da Nang Downtown offers free admission to all visitors.

Ba Na is constantly innovating with endless joyful festivals

Summer is the time when Sun World Ba Na Hills enters the most vibrant festival season of the year. Gathered in the fairytale space of Ba Na Hills are festivals inspired by various cultures from around the world with many exciting events such as the Sun Fest fair, B’estival food and beer festival, or a series of stages featuring international-class artistic performances.


At the B’estival, visitors will get to savor premium beers and immerse themselves in a lively atmosphere filled with cheering and laughter

B’estival takes place from June to August 2024 in the European Fair area and Beer Plaza square. Inspired by the Oktoberfest – the largest folk beer festival in Germany, the B’estival venue will be decorated with vibrant pennants, craft beer barrels, large mugs capable of holding more than 1 liter of beer, and the highlight is a team of artists dressed in the traditional costumes of Munich (Germany) brewers.

By participating in the B’estival, guests will be able to savor premium craft beers brewed by skilled German artisans, enjoy high-quality grilled lamb, traditional Weisswurst white sausages, deliciously aromatic pretzels… and immerse themselves in a lively atmosphere filled with cheers, clinking glasses, and the laughter of participants.

Ba Na Hills– a land famous for its myriad of flowers - will condense its essence into the "Fairy Blossom" show, directed by Tuan Le, depicting a fairy-tale kingdom with giant flowers.

This is the first show in Vietnam featuring nearly 400 domestic and international artists, including some of the world's most famous circus performers, and it also brings together the most diverse art forms (circus, magic, aerial acts, contortion, diabolo, balancing, aerial silk, parkour, juggling, sway pole, dance choreography, etc.).


Sun World Ba Na Hills is energized by hundreds of artists and world-class performances at nearly every hour of the day

The show will feature appearances by Lena Koehn – the star of the prestigious Cirque du Soleil, the soul of the international diabolo performance art; Crystal Ladies – the twin sisters who pioneered the unique art of foot juggling; Anatolii Zalevskyi – an iconic figure in the world with performances on ice and hand-balancing art… and many other famous names.

In front of the wondrous Eclipse Square, the WOW Kingdom show is a grand circus and magic gala on a unique three-floor stage, transporting the audience to a magical world through the narration of the legendary Maestro Voronin – nicknamed the David Copperfield of the comedic magic world, and his son Maxim Voronin – the youngest circus and magic director in the world.

Instead of having to fly to many places around the world, now tourists only need to visit Sun World Ba Na Hills to directly enjoy and witness the academic performances of the highest standard, in the taste of the European and American elite.

Additionally, there are two animation shows and parades directed by artist Alex Tu. The Queen stage at Beer Plaza Square will transform into a dazzling disco of the "Cabaret plus" genre for gender diverse artists from many countries around the world with sizzling performances in the The Rainbow show, and the seductive high heels dance performance of the "Red heel show".

Glittering chandeliers mixed with velvet drapes drenched in red create an opulent Hollywood-like setting for the stage of 20 artists, including the participation of 6 Mimosa Queen beauties from Thailand. The interactive parade show Enchantment takes tourists on a journey following the footsteps of artists adventuring through the most beautiful paths of Ba Na, with the concept inspired by the fairy dust valley of Tinker Bell.

With numerous experiences and lively shows both day and night at Sun World Ba Na Hills and Da Nang Downtown, Da Nang promises to be the entertainment and tourism hotspot of Vietnam this summer.