Top 7 new experiences to welcome New Year 2024 in Sunset Town, Phu Quoc

Looking for the best place to celebrate the New Year 2024 in Vietnam, Sunset Town (Phu Quoc) is calling you with 7 "brand new" and cool experiences.


Admire sunset at Kiss Bridge



Kiss Bridge is one of the most beautiful places to watch sunset in the world

Kiss Bridge, officially launched on December 22, is considered to become a new symbol of Vietnam tourism after the “Golden Bridge phenomenon” at Sun World Ba Na Hills (Da Nang). The work of famous architect Marco Casamonti features two independent branches reaching out to the open sea, converging harmoniously but not touching, with a gap of 30 centimeters which allows a couple to share a romantic kiss. The unique design of Kiss Bridge also conveys a timeless message about love and the connection between humans, nature, and the universe.

Particularly, on January 1st, when viewing from the center of Sunset Town, the sun will set perfectly in the gap between the two bridge branches, before it slowly sinks into the sea. Currently, visitors can experience the Kiss Bridge for free. This offer lasts until December 30, 2023.

Indulge in unlimited fun at the night bazaar by the sea


VUI-Fest Bazaar is an attractive spot not to be missed in Phu Quoc

Coming to Phu Quoc, if you want to experience a traditional market, you can choose Duong Dong night market. And to experience a new journey of the senses and creative activities, Vui Phet (VUI-Fest Bazaar) - Vietnam's first night bazaar by the sea, which launched at the end of December at Sunset Town, is a choice that cannot be ignored. VUI-Fest will be open from 16h00 to 0h00 every day from December 21, 2023.

As the sun sets in Sunset Town, the heartfelt atmosphere gives way to the vibrancy of VUI-Fest. Enjoy unforgettable experiences, leisurely shopping and feasting at over 50 local product stalls, handmade gifts, and a variety of local and international cuisines. Guests to the night bazaar also have chances to become street performers, at the captivating interactive music and theater show named “Loang Xoang show”. Many attractive promotions are available at the VUI-Fest night bazaar until December 31st.

Embark on a sea journey via Hon Thom cable car system



Hon Thom cable car is considered a memorable experience by the international press, a must-try when coming to Phu Quoc

From Sunset Town, travelers will embark on a sea journey via the cable car, which boasts the world’s longest three-rope cable car, to Hon Thom Island. From the cable car cabin, you’ll witness the breathtaking seascape of Phu Quoc, observing the changing hues of the ocean under the sunlight and vibrant colors of hundreds of boats anchored at An Thoi Port. Upon reaching Hon Thom, a plethora of exciting activities awaits at Sun World Hon Thom, featuring the top-ranked Asian water park Aquatopia and the Exotica village.

Hon Thom cable car is open daily from 9h00 to 17h00. Ticket prices range from 600.000 VND (not including buffet lunch) to 850.000 VND (including buffet lunch).

Enjoy a stay at La Festa Phu Quoc - Curio Collection by Hilton



La Festa Phu Quoc- Curio Collection by Hilton has a spectacular view to the Kiss Bridge

La Festa Phu Quoc, Curio Collection by Hilton, the highly anticipated “resort masterpiece” officially commenced operations on December 21st. This project marks the first presence of Curio Collection in Vietnam – a premium brand and one of the most surprising offerings from the globally renowned Hilton. Located in Sunset Town, the hotel boasts a direct view of the iconic Kiss Bridge. The unique design, infused with a Mediterranean flair, stands out with the characteristic colors and materials of the coastal town of Amalfi, featuring walls adorned in the orange-red hues of sunset and subtle pastel tones.

Especially noteworthy is the 24-meter-tall giant Christmas tree located in front of the hotel lobby. Even if you are not a guest at La Festa Phu Quoc, Curio Collection by Hilton, you can come here to marvel at the spectacle and “check-in” King of the Sun statue.

Enjoy Kiss of The Sea show, “wow” with daily fireworks display



Phu Quoc will be the only island in the world to have a technology show combining fireworks 365 days a year. Credit: Minh Tu

In Phu Quoc, the fireworks don’t only light up the sky on New Year’s Eve – they are ready to dazzle visitors all year round! From 21st December, visitors can watch the 7-minutes firework display at the end of “Kiss of the Sea”- the biggest multimedia art show in Asia. Projected on a specially designed stage with a water screen almost 1,000 square metres in size, this 25-minute performance will whisk guests away through space and time into a world of fantasy to witness a dramatic clash between darkness and light, fire and water. The top-notch fireworks display every night has also turned Phu Quoc into the only island in the world with a multimedia art show combined with fireworks every night. The show time is from 20h30 daily. Ticket prices range from 250.000 VND.

View Phu Quoc through paintings


View colorful Phu Quoc through 30 multi-material works of art

Art lovers who come to Phu Quoc should not ignore an exciting chance to explore Phu Quoc in the way of the local artists, at the painting exhibition “Phu Quoc - a vibrant journey”, organized at Hon Thom Cable car’s departure station. 30 multi-material works of arts, created by 10 local artists from Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh city by the author group Urban Sketchers Vietnam, are displayed at the art exhibition, showing you a vibrant Phu Quoc city that you may not know before.

New Year’s countdown to 2024 with Sunset Town vibes


A soar of feelings can be felt in the moments of Countdown 2024 in Sunset Town, Phu Quoc

If you wish to have the most memorable New Year 2024 countdown moment, Phu Quoc is the destination! The island will be the “main character” in a live TV countdown program jointly organized by Vietnam National Television and Sun Group, with a super art stage and brilliant fireworks display. Many well-known local singers will also “land” on Phu Quoc to shine in this event.