The world 'replied' Kiss Bridge, Phu Quoc

America's CNN news agency published an article praising Kiss Bridge, saying Phu Quoc is the best island in Vietnam to travel to.

American news agency CNN published an article introducing readers around the world the Kiss Bridge at Sunset Town, Phu Quoc. With a title that evokes a lot of curiosity for readers: "The new bridge in Vietnam is for kissing, not for crossing", the article has been in the "Featured" spotlight on CNN's homepage for many hours.

Đẹp siêu thực, Cầu Hôn hút khách chưa từng thấy ngay sau khai trương

The Kiss Bridge has attracted thousands of visitors every day since its opening.

The author of the article, Veronica Lin, gave many compliments to Kiss Bridge. "A new check-in point where couples can share romantic moments under the Vietnamese sunset," she described. From Lin's perspective, Kiss Bridge from a distance looks like "two pairs of lips about to touch".

The Kiss Bridge is the result of cooperation between famous Italian architect Marco Casamonti and Sun Group. The bridge is more than 800m long and the design is inspired by Michelangelo's classic fresco - "Creation of Adam" on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican.

Just like two fingers do not touch each other in the picture, the two branches of the bridge do not "touch" each other but are about 30 cm apart. "This means the couple will stand on each side of the bridge, then lean in to give each other a passionate kiss," CNN described.

CNN was also surprised by the calculations of the architects who created the bridge, so that exactly on January 1 every year, the sun will "fall" into the exact distance between the two branches of the bridge, before sinking into the sea.


Kiss Bridge is one of the most beautiful sunset viewing spots in the world.

According to CNN, Phu Quoc is considered "the best island in Vietnam to travel to", especially for honeymoon couples. The island has also invested a lot in tourism infrastructure, bringing together the world's most high-end resort brands such as JW Marriott, InterContinental, Regent... "And Kiss Bridge has added to the list of a tourist destination on the island for all tourists to experience", CNN suggested.

Kiss Bridge is an item in the new entertainment complex launched on December 21, in Sunset Town Phu Quoc, invested by Sun Group, with a total investment value of more than 4,000 billion including Vui Phet Beach Night Market (VUI-Fest Bazaar), the world's leading modern multimedia technology show Kiss of the Sea with a 7-minute fireworks show taking place every night.

This complex is attracting tens of thousands of tourists to Phu Quoc to check-in and enjoy every day.

 Cầu Hôn sẽ là biểu tượng tiếp theo của du lịch Việt Nam sau Cầu Vàng.

The Kiss Bridge will be the next symbol of Vietnamese tourism after the Golden Bridge in Danang.

In addition to the Kissing Bridge, CNN's article also mentioned the Golden Bridge at Sun World Ba Na Hills (Da Nang). Located at an altitude of more than 1,400m above sea level, the bridge with an amazing design resembling two giant hands supporting a golden thread "staggered" international media when it launched in 2018 and became popular. It has become a symbol of Vietnamese tourism from then until now.

CNN news agency at that time also voted the image of the Golden Bridge among the 124 most impressive travel photos in the world.