Spectacular nightly fireworks illuminate Phú Quốc’s Sunset Town

Sunset Town in Phú Quốc has become a nightly destination for artistic firework displays, featuring more than 100 harmoniously combined effects alongside timeless songs. The displays leave visitors in awe and bursting with emotion after each night of watching the fireworks over the sea.

Since January 2024, Phú Quốc has emerged as a “remarkable phenomenon” both domestically and regionally, becoming the first island in the world to host nightly firework displays.

Accordingly, tourists and island residents can enjoy artistic firework shows every day at Sunset Town, in the south of the island, at 9:30pm, right after the multi-experience art performance “Kiss of the Sea”.

An artistic firework show at Sunset Town, Phú Quốc.

With just a ticket to the “Kiss of the Sea” performance, audiences can enjoy a meticulously crafted large-scale show, featuring a variety of effects from fire, water, lasers, 3D mapping and music.

Additionally, audiences can witness the performances of 60 international artists while indulging in a grand feast of lights at the world's largest sea theatre.

Visitors in different experiential spaces of Sunset Town like Sunset Beach, Vui Phết Night Market, La Festa Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel, and other beachside restaurants and hotels can also enjoy the dazzling firework display every night without having to wait for any festival or significant event.

The artistic firework show in Sunset Town incorporates the latest performance technologies, with over 100 firework effects, both high and low altitudes.

Themed around the festival, each night's show lights up the night sky of Phú Quốc with the most dazzling clusters of fireworks and vibrant streaks of light.

A special highlight of the show is that the firework effects are perfectly synchronised to a mix of timeless songs like We Are the Champion, Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia.

For many visitors, this might be their first time experiencing fireworks from such a close distance. In the brilliant light of the fireworks and vibrant melodies, everyone feels a surge of happiness.

The kisses given, the holding hands, the tight hugs and the sparkling eyes of the children add sweet hues to the picture of happiness under the twinkling firework sky of Sunset Town.

Visitors are amazed at the close-up view of the fireworks.

"I was utterly overwhelmed and surprised by the experience during my trip to Phú Quốc. I got goosebumps in every scene. The firework show at the end was emotionally explosive. I even cried out of sheer excitement," Lera, a tourist from Kazakhstan, said.

“Our family felt lucky to have the opportunity to watch the show during our trip. The fireworks were everywhere, before our eyes, combined with music and other stage effects, creating an unimaginably beautiful performance,” Jun Woo, a tourist from South Korea, shared.

The artistic firework show is an experience invested by Sun Group in the 4 trillion VND entertainment complex at Sunset Town.

To deliver eye-catching performances each night, the firework launch site here is busier than any other in the world. Every day, up to 600 fireworks, equivalent to the number used during New Year's Eve at a location in Hà Nội, are transported to the launch site on the sea for installation.

“Kiss of the Sea” is a nightly multi-experiential show combining eight performance effects and the performances of 60 international actors.

Investing substantial human and financial resources in a nightly artistic firework show, especially in the challenging context of tourism recovery, poses significant difficulties. It becomes even more challenging when introducing services and experiences to remote islands like Phú Quốc. This underscores Sun Group's mission to beautify regions far beyond the goal of profit.

In addition to the nightly artistic firework show, a series of high-quality performances have been invested by Sun Group at Sunset Town, such as “Kiss of the Sea”, “Love Hurricane” - the extreme sports art performance, Vietnamese puppetry art performances and upcoming vibrant street shows.

They not only have made Phú Quốc become more alluring, but also have positioned the island as a new tourism and entertainment paradise in Asia.