Phu Quoc is the "brand face" for luxury tourism in Vietnam

Reputable international travel news sites such as Travel Daily News, Travel Weekly..., also identify Phu Quoc as a luxury destination in Vietnam.

The pearl island of Phu Quoc continues to catch the "eye" of international media when it is continuously "positioned" by prestigious world travel news sites as a luxury destination of Vietnam and the region. In early December, Travel Daily News (Greece), Travel Weekly (Australia), Demotivateur (France)... reported on the attractiveness of Phu Quoc, with comments on why the island is considered a "brand face" of luxury tourism in Vietnam.


The island "thousands of experiences"

That is the compliment that the French news site Demotivateur gave to Phu Quoc. According to writer Ava Skoupsky, Phu Quoc is a destination that is both luxurious and different, an ideal place that tourists should choose for their vacation next year.

In addition to praising the natural beauty of Pearl Island, Demotivateur emphasized that Phu Quoc has many interesting experiences to explore. These include enjoying marine sports, diving to see coral, going to the night market to enjoy local cuisine or taking the Guinness World Record-winning Hon Thom cable car to see breathtaking sea views from above. Coming soon, on December 16, the island will also host a tour by the famous music group Maroon 5, which is considered a milestone for the arrival of international stars to Vietnam in the future.


According to Travel Daily News, Phu Quoc with its enchanting natural beauty is quickly becoming a global tourist hotspot. “Famous for its pristine beaches, primeval forests and biodiversity, Phu Quoc's appeal is increasingly amplified by its local cultural identity and world-class attractions,” said the author. Travel Daily News author George Diamantopoulos commented.

"Hot spot" for luxury tourism

True to George Diamantopoulos's judgment, Phu Quoc is emerging as a world tourism hotspot, especially luxury tourism. The island serves wealthy tourists from all over the world thanks to its high-class resorts and unique experiences.

According to Travel Daily News, Sun Group, a pioneer in the field of high-end resorts in Vietnam, is bringing Phu Quoc into an unprecedented "era" of luxury tourism. Cooperating with famous brands, architects and designers, the group is developing a series of unique 5-star hotels and resorts. These facilities not only enhance the island's luxury appeal but also set new standards in the Vietnamese and regional hospitality industry.

Having the same perspective as Travel Daily News is Travel Weekly, when positioning Phu Quoc as a destination representing the development of luxury tourism in Vietnam.


JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort in Bai Kem beach, Phu Quoc island

News sites identify that the resort ecosystem in Phu Quoc possesses its own uniqueness. Prominent among them is the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort, an architectural masterpiece by architect Bill Bensley, which has won many prestigious international awards and is known as an ideal place for billionaires to hold their weddings. lavish wedding. This is also the place where a super luxurious wedding was held for Indian billionaire Kaabia Grewal for 7 days, with the presence of 700 guests and 125 performers.

Meanwhile, the luxurious New World Phu Quoc Resort, with a design inspired by a traditional Vietnamese fishing village, was honored as "Asia's Best Villa Resort" by the prestigious Haute Grandeur Global award. Awards, is also on the list of the most sought-after accommodations in Phu Quoc.


Viewing Kiss Bridge from La Festa Phu Quoc Curio Collection by Hilton hotel

Adding to Phu Quoc's list of luxury accommodation options is the La Festa Phu Quoc Curio Collection by Hilton hotel, inspired by the Amalfi region of the Italian Mediterranean, which has welcomed guests from the end of December 2023.

And all public expectations are focused on the "huge" handshake between Sun Group and Marriott International, in launching the two most luxurious resort brands in the world on Hon Thom island, Phu Quoc.

That is the spectacular sail-shaped The Luxury Collection Hon Thom with 305 rooms and designed by a team of talented architects of 10 Design - a globally famous design consulting unit. It is expected that when put into operation, this accommodation location will bring full amenities and classy entertainment to guests when they come to relax.


Phu Quoc destination is becoming more and more attractive thanks to its unique tourism products

Along with that is Ritz Carlton Reserve Hon Thom - a 6-star resort masterpiece with a "reserve" theme, including 40 villas designed in the style of typical Polynesian high-roofed houses in the north of the island. Oahu, Hawaii, is both modern and wild, liberal and free but also very private and mysterious in nature. When launched, it promises to bring guests surprisingly luxurious amenities. Currently, there are only 6 Ritz Carlton Reserve branded resorts worldwide in Dorado (Puerto Rico); Niseko (Japan); Bali (Indonesia); Krabi (Thailand); Los Cabos (Mexico); Jiuzhaigou (China). And Hon Thom is the 7th "protected area" address of this brand.

No longer an "emerging destination"

Being continuously named by international media has shown that Phu Quoc is increasingly asserting its position on the world tourism map. This year alone, the island has appeared non-stop in leading travel newspapers.

In October 2023, Phu Quoc was voted by Conde Nast Traveler in the top most wonderful islands in the world. In November 2023, Lonely Planet suggested Phu Quoc in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, while the Travel Lemming website honored it 6th in the ranking of the 50 best destinations in the world 2024.


The fact is also proven by the numbers, when Pearl Island attracts nearly 5 million tourists by 2022, with the hotel occupancy rate skyrocketing to 80-90%, showing that Phu Quoc is no longer just a tourist attraction. new destination of the world, which has become a globally recognized tourist paradise, especially high-end resort tourism.

According to Mr. Dang Minh Truong, Chairman of Sun Group, Phu Quoc is entering a new phase, becoming a "dream" destination for tourists seeking luxury.

“We understand that today's affluent travelers are demanding new experiences they can't find anywhere else. By partnering with the industry's leading hotel brands, designers and architects, Sun Group is successfully elevating the island's tourism industry to new heights of sophistication and luxury. importantly, all are located amidst the beautiful scenery of beautiful beaches and majestic scenery of Phu Quoc", Mr. Truong answered in an interview with Travel Weekly.