Phu Quoc debuts tourism masterpieces on New Year holiday

With a series of high-class projects, products and appealing experiences in Sunset Town which Sun Group officially launched from December 21, Phu Quoc pearl island is now becoming a "phenomenon" at the end of this year and early in 2024.

Kiss Bridge has officially opened

After many days of anticipation, the Kiss Bridge project, an artistic masterpiece designed by famous Italian designer Marco Casamonti, officially opened to tourists on December 23rd, promising to become the most appealing destination on the pearl island.

The Kiss Bridge is 800m long and is made up of the northern and southern branches, that form a unified whole but have no connection, being 30 cm apart – ideal for a hug, handshake, or kiss. This distance is meticulously calculated so that the sunset falls in the middle of the two bridge tips on January 1 of each year, making this location one of the "most beautiful sunset viewing spots in the world."


The Kiss Bridge has a console structure (horizontal bridge structure with only one end fixed, the other end free) of up to 25m, supported by pillars inclined at 65 degrees. The total weight of the console structure on each side is up to 400 tons, which is equivalent to compressing 40 buses and hanging precariously in the middle of the sea with two inclined pillars. With this inclined pillar structure, Kiss Bridge has created something unprecedented in a pedestrian bridge on the sea, giving Phu Quoc and Vietnam tourism a distinctive symbol.

Kiss Bridge, designed as a sculpture on the sea surface, surprises the architectural world with its difficulty, as the soft lines like a strip of silk stretching out into the middle of the sea are also the structure that creates the bridge's stability.


The bridge, with its unprecedented design and structure, is expected to create a "second Golden Bridge phenomenon" for Vietnamese tourism.

La Festa Phu Quoc, Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel welcomes guests

La Festa Phu Quoc, Curio Collection by Hilton Hotel - the next anticipated "incredible product" in Phu Quoc, also officially began operation from December 21. Curio Collection, Hilton Group's most luxurious brand, makes its first appearance in Vietnam with this project. The brand is known around the world for its unique local experiences and full class services.


Located in the centre of Sunset town, La Festa Phu Quoc is one of the rare hotels with beautiful views overlooking the Kiss Bridge. In addition to its prime location, the unique design with a strong Mediterranean influence is also an impressive highlight of the hotel, with the typical colours and materials of the Amalfi coast town, and sunset orange-red walls and delicate pastel colours. The hotel has 197 rooms, divided into 13 categories with restaurants, clubs, salons and more, designed in harmony with the liberal space of Phu Quoc territorial waters.

From here, tourists can easily move to other attractive entertainment destinations such as: Kiss Bridge, Hon Thom cable car, Vui-Fest Bazaar night market, or watch the multimedia show Kiss Of The Sea on the large water surface.

Vui Phet - Vui-Fest Bazaar Seaside Night Market launched

The appearance of Vui-Fest Bazaar - the first Vui Phet seaside night market in Vietnam, filled with new experiences, promises to contribute to Pearl Island becoming a top attractive nightlife tourism destination in the country.


Located in Sunset Town, Vui Phet - Vui-Fest Bazaar Seaside Night Market is not only a meeting place for shopaholics but also an appealing culinary cultural exchange space, with local specialties and the diversity of world cuisine. The stalls here will provide tourists with unique and unforgettable culinary experiences ranging from street food to high-class dishes from around the world, or they can enjoy shopping for unique Phu Quoc souvenirs.

Besides, Vui Phet - Vui-Fest Bazaar Seaside Night Market is also a convergence of appealing culture and art on Pearl Island. Every week the market will have a musical street show called "Loang Xoang show" - a unique art and entertainment program that combines street circus and musical effects produced with kitchen utensils and fishermen's tools.

Explosive experiences at the end of the year

In addition to newly launched incredible products, many exciting experiences are also waiting for tourists in Sunset Town. The Kiss of the Sea show will be held here every evening, along with a spectacular 7-minute fireworks display, making Phu Quoc the only island in the world to have a multimedia technology show combined with fireworks every night.


Besides, tourists visiting Sunset Town will be immersed in a festive atmosphere at the end of the year with the Pine Tree Lighting Ceremony on December 20th at 6:30 p.m.; Enjoy the Joyjoy show - a performance programme specifically for Christmas with a vibrant Latin party concept, featuring international and Vietnamese artists; Take the Hon Thom cable car to Sun World Hon Thom to experience a vibrant world of water games and discover the magic of the ocean while scuba diving.

The New Year's Countdown event named "Countdown Phu Quoc 2024 – A radiant Journey", in particular, will take place on the evening of December 31st at Sunshine Square (Hon Thom Cable Car Station) with the participation of famous artists. The fireworks display promises to provide tourists who choose the southern island as their New Year's Eve destination with special New Year's Eve moments.


The Sun Group representative said the Group has invested more than 4,000 billion VND in a series of new products in order to provide Phu Quoc with more unique tourism experiences. In the context of economic recession, when many businesses are struggling, Sun Group's launch of a series of unique, world-class projects and experiences has demonstrated the company's efforts, in collaboration with the city authorities, to gradually transform the pearl island into a special destination of the world, with products that promise to create a new symbol for Phu Quoc tourism.