Must-visit Jetski show debuts in Sunset Town this month

The Jetski show is created and directed by the renowned producer Australia - H2O Events, featuring performances from the world's runner-up flyboarder and dozens of international athletes. It promises to be a highly anticipated event of the entertainment complex in Sunset Town, Phú Quốc.

The Jetski water sports performance show officially debuts on February 27 at the Sunset Town beach area, with a view that fully embraces the iconic Kiss Bridge. The show will be performed one to two times daily, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, during Phú Quốc's stunning sunset.

H2O Events has over 30 years of experience organising international artistic sports performances. Photo: H2O Events.

Jetski show is the result of a collaboration between Sun Group and H2O Events, the world's leading producer of water shows combined with fireworks. H2O Events has over 30 years of experience organising shows at numerous theme parks in the US, Australia and China, and working on blockbuster movies like James Bond and Mission Impossible.

The show in Phú Quốc features two types of performance: Jetski and Flyboard, seamlessly combining lights, water and music. It also serves as a stage for 15 international Jetski athletes and 3 top flyboarders showing off their talents. Among them is Kristina Isaeva, the world's top female flyboarder, praised by New York Post and Daily Mail for her three incredible somersaults above Moscow River.

Kristina Isaeva, the world's top flyboarder, will perform in Phú Quốc on February 27.

Jetski is known for its exhilarating "wave-making" performances on the water, exciting audiences and especially speed enthusiasts. Meanwhile, Flyboard shows are performances of flying over the water with jumping movements and somersaults using powerful jet propulsion devices, requiring high technical skills.

Moreover, beyond water sports, the show in Sunset Town will "play music and recite poetry" aiming to blend Jetski and Flyboard with the creative colours of art.

Audiences at the beach or Kiss Bridge will be treated to eye-pleasing and emotionally charged performances under the sunset. Highlights include a sky dance at a height of 12m to the famous love song "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran or a heroic performance of 15 Jetskis carrying the national flag amidst the sea.

Audiences will also have the opportunity to marvel at acrobatic displays, flying at a height of 15m, and shaping water into hearts. It will require the skilled techniques of the artists.

"Jetski embodies the creative team's dedication from Sun Group and H2O, a unit that has succeeded with many world-class shows in the US, Dubai and China. It marks the first time that water sports such as Jet Ski and Flyboard have been elevated to an art form and brought to Sunset Town, offering diverse experiences for visitors.

Increasing the quality shows for the 4 trillion VND entertainment complex on Pearl Island is also a practical step demonstrating joint efforts to elevate Phú Quốc to a deserving position on the international tourism map that Sun Group has always strived towards, Sun World representative shared.

Sunset Town is a destination for art and entertainment all year round.

Following “Kiss Of The Sea” multimedia art show combined with fireworks every night, Jetski is the second international show introduced by Sun Group to both domestic and foreign visitors when visiting Phú Quốc, alongside a series of other performances such as Vietnamese puppetry and musical shows "Loảng Xoảng".

Iconic structures like the Kiss Bridge and well-invested entertainment shows are gradually making Sunset Town a vibrant culture and art destination in Việt Nam.