Love Hurricane and eye-catching extreme sports performances

Love Hurricane - Jetski show entertains the audience with flying scenes on the water like the action scenes in the "blockbuster" Mission: Impossible.


Flyboard rehearsal at Sunset Town.

The audience will be overwhelmed when admiring the "wind-breaking" performance of Kristina Isaeva - World flyboard runner-up. These are flying screens up to 15m high, equivalent to a 5-storey building right above the sea. Next are 360-degree rotations, 2-3 consecutive somersaults in mid-air. Previously, Kristina Isaeva's somersault performed on the Moscow River was praised by the international media.

Besides solo performances, international athletes also perform more challenging performances when dancing in mid-air, at a height of about 12m. At a height where even a strong wind makes many people's hearts skip a beat, the athletes performed extremely graceful and romantic dances to melodious music.

Driving a water motor may not be strange to many tourists, but demonstrating nearly 20 motors requiring extremely high precision can be called a first in Vietnam. From the location of the Kissing Bridge, visitors can easily admire the high-speed "races" of 20 water motors closely following each other to create heart shapes and infinite vortexes.


According to the production unit H2O Events, Love Hurricane - Love Vortex brings visitors all kinds of romance, magnanimity, overwhelm and excitement when interacting in the air with athletes.

Love Hurricane - Love whirlpool is performed every sunset, so that people's ingenuity and flexibility contribute to painting the delicate features in the perfect picture of Phu Quoc's nature, sea and sky.

Love Hurricane - Love Vortex is the second international show invested by Sun Group in Sunset Town, with a partnership with H2O - the world's leading producer of water shows combined with fireworks. of Australia, with more than 30 years of experience organizing shows at dozens of theme parks in the US, Australia, China... and experience working in blockbuster movies such as James Bond and Mission Impossible.

Spectacular acrobatics of international athletes.

Present for the first time in Phu Quoc and Vietnam, the show offers two types of performances: Jetski and Flyboard combined with water, music, and light effects. Besides the beach, the most perfect location to watch the show is at Kiss Bridge, lucky visitors will have the opportunity to interact directly with the artists as the flyboard soars high in the air.

This first extreme sports art performance show in Phu Quoc was performed at 6:00 p.m. in the Kiss Bridge area, Hoang Hon Town, Phu Quoc. Show tickets are included in the Kiss Bridge tour ticket from 5:00 p.m.