Kiss Bridge - the bridge that makes the world "fascinated"

Kiss Bridge in Sunset Town (Phu Quoc) has something unique to create a fever in both domestic and international media. The bridge carries Vietnamese - Italian "DNA"

Kiss Bridge is a pedestrian bridge on the sea created by Sun Group and Archea Associati - a famous design unit from Italy, which has created a series of world-famous projects such as the Antinori wine factory. (Italy), Albania National Stadium... In particular, the Marriage Proposal was designed by talented architect Marco Casamonti - founder of Archea Associati, Ambassador of Italian Design Day 2020, for 2 years.

In front of the Kiss Bridge, surrounding the current Dat Do Beach of Sunset Town is a stone sea breakwater. But in the eyes of creators from Italy and the Sun Group's team of architects, that dry stone dyke can become a destination to admire the brilliant sunset on the Pearl Island, and the destination of couples and romantic love stories. And Kiss Bridge was born.


Crystallization of two countries' cultures

The Marriage Proposal carries within itself the philosophy of Renaissance art, as it was inspired by the painting The Creation Of Adam (God created Adam) by the Italian painting genius - Michelangelo. In the shadow of the bridge, people also see the breath of Asia, like the bridge created by a flock of birds in the Vietnamese legend of Ong Ngau and Ba Ngau.



The pedestrian bridge has a unique design

Right from the first sketches for the bridge, Italian architect Marco Casamonti once exclaimed: "Beyond the function of a normal bridge, this is the work of a dream." Because in fact, every detail at Cau Kiss contains hidden artistic intentions, creating uniqueness and uniqueness. Every soft curve, material and color used at Cau Hon is designed to be harmonious and surprisingly compatible with the magnificent sunset scenery of Phu Quoc waters.



Kissing Bridge consists of two bridge branches, North Wing and South Wing (North and South bridge branches), with a total length of 800m, together forming a unified whole but the two bridge tips are 30 cm apart. That distance is just right for a hug, a handshake or a passionate kiss in the sunset. That's why the Marriage Proposal is also affectionately called "Touch", like a message that only people's desire for connection can fill the void of separation.


Destination of sunset and love

The Kissing Bridge stretches out to the sea, perfectly designed to resemble a part of the landscape born from the beautiful sunset of Phu Quoc. In particular, the team of architects has diligently researched the path of the sun at different times of the year, through simulated 3D models, so that on January 1 every year, the sun at sunset will fall on the peak of the sun. between the two noses of the bridge, before slowly diving to the bottom of the sea. Because of that, the bridge is said to be "The most beautiful sunset viewing spot in the world", right from its inception.

Because of its unique design and sweet sunset view, the Kissing Bridge was named "The Kissing Destination" by CNN, while American television Cheddar News introduced this as a new destination to watch the sunset. transcendent.


Sweet touches at Kissing Bridge

The inside of the body of the Marriage Proposal is perforated with 394 proverbs, poems, and love songs in 22 of the world's most popular languages, even fonts not available from African countries. The railings of the bridge all have hidden lights inside, so that when night falls the whole bridge becomes more sparkling, with a series of sweet words glowing on the two sides of the bridge.


"Unprecedented" designs

The Kissing Bridge may not be the most expensive project that Sun Group has ever invested in, but it is the work that most clearly depicts the group's mission of "beautifying the lands". Construction began during the years of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the global economy faced unprecedented fluctuations, the Kissing Bridge has been meticulously completed down to the smallest detail.

The Kissing Bridge has a conson span (horizontal bridge structure, only fixed at one end, one end is free) of up to 25m, on pillars inclined at 65 degrees. The total amount of conson structure on each side is up to 400 tons. To make it easier to imagine, this architecture is equivalent to compressing 40 buses and hanging precariously in the middle of the sea with 2 inclined pillars. According to the shares of construction engineers from Sun Group, who have created dozens of elaborate projects across the country, right from the moment they received the Cau Kiss design, they were skeptical about the "unusual" project. "feasible" and calculate the cost up to tens to hundreds of billions of dong when building inclined pillars instead of conventional straight pillars. But with the determination of the leadership and thousands of Sun Group employees, the official "birth" of the Kissing Bridge has created something unprecedented in the precedent of a pedestrian bridge on the sea, bringing tourists Phu Quoc and Vietnam calendar a unique symbol.