Kiss Bridge - A new iconic destination in Vietnam

Just as Golden Bridge in Danang stole the hearts of the world in 2018, the newly opened Kiss Bridge on Phu Quoc Island is expected to become another phenomenon for global travelers.

On December 22, 2023, Sun Group officially unveiled Kiss Bridge in Sunset Town on Phu Quoc Island. With its innovative design and stunning location in south Phu Quoc, this enchanting structure is anticipated to emulate Golden Bridge in Sun World Ba Na Hills, Danang as a modern man-made wonder and iconic destination.

Crafted by Italian architect Marco Casamonti, the design of Kiss Bridge took inspiration from 'The Creation of Adam', the classical fresco created by Michelangelo for the Sistine Chapel in Rome, and ‘The Legend of Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu', a Vietnamese folk tale about two young lovers who are separated by the Jade Emperor but permitted to meet once a year on the O Thuoc Bridge.


This new architectural wonder spans a distance of 800 meters with two separate walkways coming from opposite directions. In the middle there is a 30 cm gap, a distance which can be easily crossed with an embrace, a handshake, or… even a kiss.

The precise point gap has also been calculated to capture a spectacular sight – every January 1st, the setting sun gracefully descends right between the bridge's two arches, creating a charming scene, making it one of the world's most stunning sunset spots.


On the afternoon of December 22, Kiss Bridge, a project awaited eagerly by tourists, was officially inaugurated in Sunset Town, Phu Quoc Island.

Speaking at the Inauguration Ceremony, Mr. Huynh Quang Hung, Chairman of the People's Committee of Phu Quoc, said: ‘The Kiss Bridge is a true masterpiece, blending unique artistry and exceptional construction. It adds an iconic touch to Phu Quoc, complementing the island's natural beauty. We envision that the Kiss Bridge will put Phu Quoc on the global map, attracting travelers who wish to witness this exceptional architectural marvel firsthand, much like the awe-inspiring impact that the Golden Bridge has had on Vietnamese tourism.'


Following the success of Golden Bridge in Sun World Ba Na Hills, Danang, Phu Quoc's Kiss Bridge promises to become a new enduring symbol of tourism in Vietnam.

The bridge was constructed using cantilevers, which are supported by a tilted pylon at a 65-degree angle on one end while the other end extends out into space, reaching a distance of 25 meters. The combined weight of the cantilevered structure on either side is a staggering 400 tons, equivalent to the compression force of 40 buses. Suspended between the blue of the sea and the sky with two inclined pillars, Kiss Bridge has achieved something unprecedented – a pedestrian bridge that runs over the waves lapping onto one of the world's most beautiful beaches. It is undoubtedly a truly distinctive icon that will draw many visitors to Phu Quoc.


A marvelous moment at the inauguration for Kiss Bridge.

The bridge is a stunning sight both from a distance and close up. Indeed, its tips are composed with ultra-clear glass, offering an exceptional 96% transparency. This lends the glass an almost 'invisible' quality. As twilight thickens over the island, a LED lighting system also brightly illuminates the bridge, casting a soft glow through the structure and evoking a fairytale beauty.

Opening just in time for the festive season, Kiss Bridge seamlessly syncs with a collection of new structures and attractions crafted by Sun Group at Sunset Bay, including the multimedia technology art show, developed with a total investment exceeding VND 3,400 billion, called “Kiss of the Sea” which is performed every evening. What's more every show throughout the year culminates with a mesmerizing seven-minute fireworks display.