Sun Group is proud to be a prestigious and reputable companion not only in Vietnam but also in the world

Starting a business in Vietnam since 2007, Sun Group has now become the leading prestigious economic group in Vietnam. Choose Entertainment, Tourism, Real Estate and Infrastructure Investment as strategic investment fields and set the criteria "Quality - Class - Difference" as the core value, more transparent 10 years of operation in Vietnam, with the philosophy of "Standing on the shoulders of giants", Sun Group cooperates with many big brands and names in the world to create high-class tourism and resort projects. international level, bearing a timeless imprint spread across the country.

Philosophy of

Philosophy of Work

Despite many difficulties, but Sun Group is confident that, with the companionship of you - strategic partners, like-minded friends, that journey will be successful. Sun Group also looks forward to working with you to share the common vision and values we are pursuing, towards a single common goal of contributing to building a strong and rich country, raising the status of Vietnam. Male in the eyes of international friends.