Phu Quoc Island to make big splash this month with “Kiss Of The Sea” show

The highly anticipated show, “Kiss Of The Sea”, is being produced by ECA2, the renowned creators of multimedia shows in France.

With a production cost of billions of Vietnamese dong, this show is expected to be a spectacular display of multimedia technology and high-level performances by 50 international actors, accompanied by nightly fireworks. It will make “Kiss Of The Sea” the most anticipated event in January.

The New International-Level Show in Phu Quoc

Sun Group has once again expanded its entertainment complex in Hoang Hon town, with the introduction of “Kiss Of The Sea”, the fourth consecutive tourism product to be added this festival season. This latest addition, a brainchild of ECA2, follows a line of immersive performance shows and marks a significant milestone in the company's legacy. ECA2, a renowned production company based in France, has over 30 years of experience in producing more than 60 performance programs across 17 countries.

Many of these have become pivotal attractions, such as the Wings Of Time show in Singapore, which draws over a million visitors annually, and the Fountain of Dreams, which is hailed as a must-visit destination in Wuyi Mountain, China.


The “Kiss Of The Sea” show has taken the world by storm with its breath-taking use of water, fire, laser, and fireworks effects.

The “Kiss Of The Sea” show has taken the world by storm with its breath-taking use of water, fire, laser, and fireworks effects.With an investment of over 4 trillion VND, this production boasts cutting-edge technology and a world-class scale. It features a 1,000m2 seawater curtain, earning it the title of “the largest theatre on the sea in history” as well as a stage with three consecutive projection domes and 300 devices for creating multiple lighting, fire, water, laser and fireworks effects.

Julie Cugurno, Vice President of Operations at ECA2, said: “This will be the world's largest and unparalleled outdoor multimedia show. Here, we have the world's largest seawater screen along with leading effect devices and artists from many countries, offering diverse and emotional perspectives. We believe that we have brought a grand and unique international-level show to Phu Quoc.”

A Diverse and Emotional Show Like Never Before

The “Kiss Of The Sea” show is a multi-sensory, emotional experience that combines multimedia technology, a cast of 50 international artists and nightly fireworks displays. It promises to be one of the most anticipated outdoor shows in Phu Quoc and Vietnam as a whole.


Phu Quoc emerges as a Spectacular Destination with a Nightly Fireworks Show

The show is a breath-taking performance that combines eight different technologies and art forms to create a mesmerising experience for the audience. Featuring fire, water, lasers, lights, music, projection, fireworks and international artist performances, this show is a true feast for the senses. Equipped with three consecutive projection domes, the largest seawater curtain in Asia, and set against the stunning backdrop and vibrant sounds of Phu Quoc's seascape, the stage of this show knows no bounds.

Each audience member becomes a participant in a romantic and dramatic journey through the galaxy, where they must be prepared to feel the heat of “magma” get splashed by water explosions, and revel in the joy of the characters' triumph over evil amidst a sky full of fireworks.

If technology brings awe, then artists will play a role in enhancing emotions. 50 artists in glowing costumes and props will appear unexpectedly from the stage of the sea, bringing spectacular and beautiful ballet, acrobatics, somersaults, and contortion techniques.

In five performances, their costumes, makeup, and choreography are diverse to express different shades and emotions. Sometimes, they mimic the mystical movements of planets in the galaxy, and sometimes the dramatic appearance of evil.

The Creative Director of ECA2 added: “The “Kiss Of The Sea” is a unique combination of multimedia effects and artist performances. Each scene is truly different in terms of space, music, and effects. The idea of the show is a journey through various dimensions, where there is poetry, romantic love stories, and of course, action scenes and suspense before the audience can reach a beautiful ending.”


The Unique Combination of Fiction and Indigenous Culture

The Kiss of the Sea, with its fictional plot, tells the love story of a young man from Phu Quoc and a surprise guardian who arrives on Earth through a black hole in space. The power of love and unity helps the main characters defeat the dark forces that threaten the safety of Earth and the galaxy. While it showcases imagination and modern technology, The Kiss of the Sea contains hidden cultural references from Vietnam, from its effects to its content.

The characters and settings in the show are ingeniously constructed based on the concept of the five elements

The captivating production of “Kiss Of The Sea” intricately weaves together the elements of Vietnamese culture, traditional art forms and environmental awareness to create a mesmerising experience for the discerning audience. The characters and settings in the show are ingeniously constructed based on the concept of the five elements - Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and the Earth element, which is embodied by the enchanting landscapes of Phu Quoc.

A keen observer will notice the deliberate naming and portrayal of characters drawn from the theory of the five elements, as well as the skillful incorporation of Vietnamese shadow puppetry art. Within the narrative of “Kiss Of The Sea”, the bridge connecting the Earth and the celestial realm is depicted as persisting somewhere in the galaxy, a subtle and artful storytelling device that also elucidates the creation of the iconic Kiss Bridge, symbolising love and unity.

Beyond extolling eternal love, the show also imparts profound humanitarian values, emphasising the responsibility to preserve and protect nature and endangered wildlife. Visitors will encounter characters such as the Phu Quoc ridgeback dog and the endangered dugong, shedding light on the critical need for conservation efforts.

By seamlessly blending modern technology with the breathtaking performances of talented artists and harmonizing them with indigenous cultural values, “Kiss Of The Sea” holds the promise of becoming the most highly anticipated “masterpiece” of Phu Quoc in the upcoming year of 2024.